Introduction to The Rose Chamber

I have recently completed my first book - The Rose Chamber – which describes my journey to develop myself to the point where I learned to be fully conscious in spirit dimensions. This was published on 3rd January 2015. Many lessons had to be learned on this journey and my pathway took twenty-five years of regular meditative practice to reach this stage.screenshot-front-cover-medium

As if by chance, at a key time of my life I met someone who turned out to be my teacher. She suggested that I write The Rose Chamber saying, ‘If your intensely personal account helps just one person, then it is worth it…’

This was a difficult decision for me as writing my spiritual autobiography has meant disclosing some very personal events. Without the encouragement of my teacher I would never have willingly shared these private and intimate experiences with strangers, exposing myself to their comments and possible criticism. However, I think many readers will resonate with aspects of my inner and outer world. It is a true human story about my spiritual development and how this has been reflected in my life.

True spiritual work begins with total honesty with oneself. I have felt agonizing soul pain at times and at others, I have been filled with enhanced feelings of love and ‘one-ness’ with humanity as a whole and with the spiritual beings I work with every day.

In The Rose Chamber I describe the Ultimate Peaceful Being who is all love and who embraces each and every one of us. It is to one-ness with it – God, if you like – that we are all striving as members of our vast human family.

The book is available in paperback and ebook formats.


Comments from some pre-publication readers:

Very moving and excellently written..’ Joan, retired teacher

‘Your story inspires one to evaluate one’s own spiritual journey…’ Christy, massage therapist.

‘One thing that really convinces me is the way in which you experience the double, or shadow as an essential part of the human experience.’ Adrian, retired businessman.

‘It is an amazing read and you are such an amazing woman..’ Kathy, Interfaith Minister.



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